A Hope in “Just A Minute”

How many times have you heard yourself or someone else say, “Just a minute.”  If given just one more minute, people hope to do a plethora of different things, which they apparently believe can be accomplished in “just a minute.”

I suppose that is why there are so many authors who have written books about what can be accomplished in just a minute:

The One Minute Manager, The One Minute Entrepreneur, The One Minute Millionaire, The One Minute Apology, One Minute Wellness, One Minute Reader, One Minute Bedtime Stories, etc.

So, what is the true value of just a minute?  Simply answered, people are born in a minute, live minute-by-minute, and die in a minute, and the value people place on the minutes in their lives can only be determined by them.

Kevin Welch said, “There’ll be two dates on your tombstone and all your friends will read them.  But all that is going to matter is that little dash between them.”

Art Rainer similarly said, “On each grave marker is a dash between two years. The dash is time, and that is where we are, in our dash. And before there is some year placed on the other end, we need to figure this thing out.”

Some authors have tried to help people “figure this thing out” by writing books such as The Power of Now and Be Here Now, etc. These writings are profound; but, very simply stated, the dash between the two dates on a tombstone represent a few or a multitude of minutes filled with hope.  How people use those minutes filled with hope is their choice.

“Life is not lost by dying; life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day, in all the thousand small uncaring ways.”…Stephen Vincent Benet

“Since thou art not sure of a minute, throw not away an hour.”…Benjamin Franklin

“The only way to live is to accept each minute as an unrepeatable miracle, which is exactly what it is; a miracle and unrepeatable.”…Storm Jameson

“Two things are as big as the man who possesses them–neither bigger nor smaller.  One is a minute, the other a dollar.”…Channing Pollock

“I lose my temper, but it’s all over in a minute,” said the student.  “So is the hydrogen bomb,” I replied.  “But think of the damage it produces!”…Spencer Tracy

“For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty-seconds of happiness.”…Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Don’t waste a minute not being happy.  If one window closes, run to next window–or break down a door.”…Brooke Shields

“Time needs another minute.”…Sly Stone

“Man as long as he lives, is immortal.  One minute before his death he shall be immortal.  But one minute later, God wins.”…  E. Wiesel

“I’m terrified about the day that I enter the gates of heaven and God says to me, just a minute.”…Maureen O’Hara




For a list of twenty things that can happen in one minute, visit http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/2010/01/30/20-things-that-happen-in-1-minute-graphic/.

For those who have seen the movie Forrest Gump, the following YouTube video is the summary of his entire life.  It proves that “Life is but a vapor…here today and gone tomorrow.”  So please enjoy and make the most of the minutes you have.

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10 comments on “A Hope in “Just A Minute”

  1. Connie Wayne says:

    Thanks BJ. I am glad you enjoyed the post. Blessings, Connie


  2. Connie Wayne says:

    This is a comment I received from BJ White via email: “Thank you for showing the power of the “minutes” in our lives. You are truly a message bearer—of good tidings. All good wishes,”


  3. Connie Wayne says:

    Thanks Kate. I have to remind myself of my own suggestions sometimes. Time has moved so fast for me since my sister had her heart attack on Christmas Eve. I have not been able to do all the things I would love to do such as visit the sites of my new blogging friends. I have been lucky to keep getting out a few blogs and responding to comments.

    I did not hear back from you about your nomination for the Hope Unites Globally HUG Award. I hope you accepted the nomination. You certainly deserve it. Maybe you did not get my response comment to you on my Hope Unites Globally post. I hope all is well with you, and may God bless you today and every day. You are a blessing to so many people. Keep letting your light shine!
    Blessings, Connie


  4. Kate Kresse says:

    Connie–God bless you today. This was a lovely and timely (no pun intended) post. Thanks so much❤


  5. Lorraine says:

    Well, Ms. Connie, I have just stumbled upon your site while researching a good keyword title for an article I am posting. You are so refreshing and inspiring. I thank God for this surprising meeting this morning! We so easily let time slip away which doesn’t count for anything physically accomplished, yet can be constantly communicating with the LORD on behalf of others or purely praising Him. On my own blog, http://Born2Praise2.com I was just meditating on the being burdened by shame or guilt. A time-killer for sure! Our Savior has released us from it and completely freed us so we can be using our time more productively in His service and for His glory. How much do we miss because we are paralyzed by self loathing? Somebody needs us! Thanks for encouraging us to be a blessing. God bless you!


    • Connie Wayne says:

      I am so glad you stumbled upon my site and stayed long enough to read and comment on this article. I hope you will stumble back this way again. I usually post three to four new articles a week. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a link to your site, which I plan to visit soon. Blessings, Connie


  6. pattisj says:

    This is a very timely message, and a good one for starting off a new year, to not waste a minute.


    • Connie Wayne says:

      Thanks Patti. I have to remind myself of that also. It is so easy to let time slip away and not know where it went or what we did. Thanks for stopping by again. Blessings, Connie


  7. parentingalive says:

    Great post! I can really relate! I’ve had 12 deaths in 3 years and am constantly reminded of how much life can change in one minute. I try to treasure every minute I get, because every minute is a little death and a new beginning.

    I love the idea of the dash between the two numbers of our life being the most important – it’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    I write on similar topics myself…my latest post “Grim Reaper Girl” has been getting a lot of attention if you want to check it out. Sounds like we have similar ideas.


    • Connie Wayne says:

      Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed the post. I am so sorry about all your losses, but I am glad you treasure your moments. I will definitely check out your site and the post you referenced. Glad to know that there is another “kindred spirit” out there who writes on similar topics. Blessings, Connie


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