A Hope for Renewal

Many Romans have already started the new year with anticipation and hope for renewal by ridding themselves of the old.

They have done this, not in a symbolic way such as making New Year’s resolutions, but by pitching out the window old things such as clothing, furniture, cracked dishes, and household accoutrements.

Therefore, on New Year’s Eve, many people stayed in their houses or motels for fear of something possibly falling on their heads.

Religions and spiritual concepts teach the value of renewing the mind, spirit, and body.  The new year is an ideal time to make a holistic evaluation of our lives.

It is also an ideal time to start fresh by discarding old, tired, negative thought patterns, renewing our spiritual lives, and initiating healthier eating and exercise  habits.  It is a time to decide what we can do to make ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually fit.

I always have loved the scripture in the Bible from the book of Isaiah, which relates to the renewal of spirit and “mounting up on wings as eagles.”

Now that I am older, I love the scripture even more because I have learned more about the life cycle of eagles.

I loved reading, what is considered by many, a myth about how an aging eagle renews itself during the process of old-age moulting.

Have you ever had nail-biting, hair-pulling, beat-your-head-against the-wall  life experiences after which you desperately needed renewal?

If so, you will enjoy watching the YouTube video below.  The YouTube video was made from a PowerPoint presentation, which has to be read.

You may realize, as I did, that in our older physical and spiritual years, we can renew and “mount up on new wings as eagles.”  We can still fly high and strong and accomplish far more than we previously may have thought possible.

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2 comments on “A Hope for Renewal

  1. pattisj says:

    That would be a great way to declutter, but doubt we could get away with it here! lol We’d have to clean it up.


    • Connie Wayne says:

      I agree. There have been times I would have loved to do that kind of home decluttering. So, instead of throwing things into the street, I give them to Goodwill.
      Hope you have a blessed new year, Connie


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