A Hope from a Windchime

I have learned to have awareness and appreciation of the simple things in life that give me strength, peace, and hope for today when I need it the most.

I had such an awareness and appreciation during my recent experience with a windchime.

After my sister suffered a heart attack, I slept on a cot in her hospital room for several days; and, needless to say, I slept very little and very lightly.  Later, while my sister recuperated at home, I stayed with her for several more days.

At my sister’s house I was able to sleep more; but, because I wanted to hear her if she got up during the night, I still slept very lightly.  Amazingly, however, I slept very peacefully.

I owe the peaceful sleep to the neighbor’s windchime, which was like a Tibetan singing bowl that hummed throughout the night, resonating with my spirit, to entrain me into a semi-meditative trance.

Whether awake, asleep, or somewhere between, I was aware of a soothing tranquility that tiptoed into my bedroom and enveloped me with calmness and peace.

The slow, peaceful, rhythmic movement of the windchime created a melodic lullaby that embraced and hushed me to sleep, over and over again.

Somehow I was consciously aware that the windchime mesmerized and held me in its magical sway.  As it lulled me into a calm rest that my body needed, even though my mind resisted, it soothed and hypnotized me with whispers of strength, peace, and hope.

Every night, as a heavenly breeze animated the windchime, it was as if I heard God breathing outside my bedroom window.   The gentle breath of God repeatedly stirred the windchime to make it dance and sing its beautiful, magical lullaby throughout the night.

The windchime faithfully sang every night, all night, like a mother singing a lullaby to her sick child:  “Sleep my child, and peace attend thee, all through the night.  Guardian angels God will send thee, all through the night. ”

And every night the peaceful lullaby resonated in my spirit to remind me that I could calmly rest, renew my strength, and have hope for my sister’s full recovery.

The windchime was not as large as the one in the following YouTube video, but it had a smaller, similar sound.  Listen, and you will understand how God used a simple windchime to give me hope for today when I needed it the most.

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4 comments on “A Hope from a Windchime

  1. Connie Wayne says:

    Thanks BJ. I also love watching sunrises and sunsets. There is nothing more therapeutic than being in nature.


  2. Connie Wayne says:

    This comment was in an email from BJ White: “A beautifully expressed comfort writing. I also like the charm and assurance given by the windchimes. I have one very like the one you showed in the video. A great comfort-giver for me is in looking toward the west in late afternoon, and seeing the sunrays reaching down to earth, or as I like to think, the earth is reaching upward to Heaven. Very inspiring to me.”


  3. becca givens says:

    I love the melodic sounds of windchimes … I have several on my front porch … I especially enjoy them when the weather is nice and I can open the door!!

    Happy New Year ~~


    • Connie Wayne says:

      A blog named “On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea” is definitely a good match for a woman who loves windchimes. I am glad to discover that we have something else in common. Have a happy and blessed new year, Connie


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