A Hope from Winter: More Light

As winter days become longer and more sunlight gradually and slowly returns to the earth, winter is the season of hope. The earth wraps itself in a cocoon of hope and awaits its re-birth in the spring.

In its cocoon, the earth is quiet and appears to be sleeping or resting, but it is not dormant or stagnant.  The earth is still moving and re-generating itself through a metamorphosis of life.

Winter is also the season of hope for many religions and spiritual people, and their winter celebrations are celebrations of hope and light.

Even though they represent diverse spiritual beliefs, these celebrations all have several similarities.  They are events for which people carve time out of their busy schedules to celebrate with their family and friends.

And, during these times of celebration, families and friends often give gifts to each other as expressions of their love, and people are much more charitable to the needy.

These winter celebrations are reminders of humanity’s great need to share more spiritual light with one another.  By sharing more spiritual light, more hope, love and compassion are shared with all humanity.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these winter celebrations of greater light, greater hope, greater love, and greater compassion could last all year?

As more spiritual light gradually and slowly returns to the earth, people will no longer view each other as strangers, but as fellow human beings with the same need for hope, love and compassion.

Regardless of your personal religious or spiritual beliefs, may you be blessed with and share greater spiritual light during this winter season of hope.

I hope you enjoy the YouTube video below called “Don’t Call Me a Stranger.”

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