A Hope from Sandpipers: Unity

One must sit and watch sandpipers to understand the hope they manifest for humanity.

Sandpipers scurry along the water’s edge of a sandy beach, and together they magically ebb and flow with the rhythm of the tide.

Then suddenly the sandpipers appear fused together as one large bird, as they unanimously burst into flight. The salty air lifts them to ride in unity over the wafting ocean.

As they fly, they look seamlessly joined and held together by an Unseen Life Force. They lilt and turn as a single large-winged bird; no bird acts alone. They act and move in unity, by one inner knowing or instinct that flows through them all.

The sandpipers overtly display a unity in nature that does not yet exist in humanity.  They secretly challenge people to listen to their own inner knowing from an Unseen Force, which can join and hold them together as one.

The sandpipers model and give people a hope for unity, a hope for oneness.

Enjoy watching the ebb and tide of the sandpipers as they fly and cascade to the ground in the following YouTube video:

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  1. Daniel says:

    Love these birds, so cute when they run away from the tide. Never seen so many at once though!


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