A Hope from Bozo, the Bop Bag: Resiliency

Punch him, slap him, whack him, or smack him, and Bozo the Clown Bop Bag amazingly wobbles back into his original, upright position.

Bozo’s hope for speedy recovery is his resiliency.  No matter how many times Bozo gets knocked down, he springs back up and lands on his feet.

How can Bozo be so resilient?  He is resilient because he has a weighted bottom that helps him stay centered and grounded.

How many times has life punched you in the face, slapped you upside the head, and knocked you down?  If you are like me, you probably learned that resiliency is not always easy during those times.

Like Bozo the Bop Bag, however, we are also designed with a center and an inner stabilizing power.  Our inner power of faith is the weight, the anchor that helps us stay resilient during the difficult times in life.

Find your center, ground yourself there, and cling to the anchor of your faith. Then, like Bozo the Bop Bag, you have hope for resiliency and recovery from difficult times.

The Japanese Daruma Doll is much like the Bozo Bop Bag.  It is a roly-poly doll with no arms or legs.  It has the same resiliency as the Bozo Bop Bag, and it is a special doll for the New Year.  Children can make Daruma Dolls from plastic Easter eggs or old egg-shaped, plastic pantyhose containers.

Simply mix two tablespoons of Plaster of Paris with two tablespoons of water and pour into bottom half of the plastic container.  Fasten the container halves together with tape, and then let children draw faces on them with marking pens.  Parents can use these to teach children about resiliency.

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