A Hope for Happy Feet and Dancing Shoes

“Happy Dancing with your shoes, helps you chase away the blues,”

sings purple Barney, the children’s TV character.

As Barney dances to this song, he makes others hope for a pair of happy dancing shoes.

But wait!  Don’t people need happy feet to do happy dancing?  Don’t worry.  Barney teaches how to happy dance with your shoes, but the little, barefoot penguin in the movie Happy Feet teaches how to dance with happy feet.

You and your children can watch both of them dance on YouTube videos.  Between the two of them, they definitely show people how to do some happy dancing.

If these two, awkward-looking characters with clumsy-looking feet can do a happy dance, there is hope for anyone to learn to dance.  So, get ready to let your happy feet do some happy dancing with your shoes.

Barney is not the only one who believes that happy dancing helps you chase away the blues.  There is factual evidence that dancing elevates the mood, because it raises the endorphins in the brain that help heal stress and depression.

Dancing also benefits the heart and cardiovascular system, and it increases lung capacity.  It strengthens muscles and helps with coördination and balance; and, it raises good and lowers bad cholesterol.  There is also evidence that senior citizens who dance regularly cut their risk for dementia by 76%.

So, click your heels together and get those toes to tapping.  You don’t have to know how to dance, and you don’t have to become a social dancer.  You can dance, as a form of exercise, in the privacy of your own home.

Dance is movement, interpretation, and self-expression.  So, just get moving to the music of your choice, interpret it, and express it with your feelings.

You can even use your dance or exercise as a time of praise and worship.  You can dance before God, as David in the Bible did.  Author Marianne Williamson says, “There’s a saying, “Religion is not to be believed, but danced.”  …living our religion in such a way that it becomes a dance, a celebration in which we open our arms and say yes to life.  The point of the spiritual life is that you dance the music God pipes in you.”

As Lee Ann Womack’s beautiful song says, “I Hope You Dance.”   Dance with your happy feet in your happy shoes, chase away all your blues, and get healthier while you are dancing!

I hope you enjoy the YouTube video of Lee Ann Womack singing “I Hope You Dance.”

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