A Hope for Wholeness

People who live fragmented lives hope for wholeness.  They may not realize it, but a hope for wholeness is a hope for balance and variety.

The creative work of living a whole, healthy life requires learning how to find balance in life, and balance requires variety, the spice of life.

Even though wholeness is often pictured as oneness, wholeness has many parts.  Each single part is a part of the whole, contributing something essential to the whole.

Life becomes imbalanced when one part of life rules or dominates all the other parts, i.e., “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” says an old proverb.

Use this illustration to visualize a state of balance:  Visualize two children on opposite ends of a teeter-totter as they practice “setting the table”.  The children “set the table” when the teeter-totter balances itself, and neither end of the teeter-totter is up above or below the other.

In order to “set the table”, sometimes the teeter-totter is adjusted to compensate for the difference in the weight of the children.  After the adjustments, each child has to distribute or balance his weight on the teeter-totter to “set the table”.  Then, the “table is set”, and the teeter-totter is balanced.

When life gets out of balance, a person might need to make life adjustments to “set her table” or restore balance to her life.

People need to balance work with play; sleep with activity; sameness with change; structure with spontaneity; social activities with solitude; noise with silence; physical exertion with rest; inside activities with outside activities; and a balanced nutritional diet, etc.

Then, in turn, each of those life parts needs to have its “weight distributed” or balance itself.

I love the Biblical passage from Ecclesiastes that begins , “To everything there is a season”,  because it is a passage about balance, i.e., “There is a time to plant and a time to reap”… “A time to build and a time to tear down”.

This Biblical passage challenges me to ask myself these questions:   “What is it time for now?”  “What can I do to restore balance in my life today?”  “How can I attain wholeness in this moment?”

I and others, who hope for wholeness in life, should daily balance our lives.  The Creator has created a plethora of things we can choose from to holistically maintain our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being or wholeness.

Please enjoy the Byrds singing, “To Everything There is a Season” on the following YouTube video.

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  1. theWomanAtTheWell says:

    I love these daily pick me ups and thoughts that you post and send to my inbox, I have come to depend on them as a source of strength, Thank you is not enough to say but, thank you is all I have, your word you share here is truly anointed. Thank you. May God continue to bless you with his wisdom and insight.-WATW


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