A Hope for Sad Santa

Many a Santa is sad this year because the economy is still in recession, and there is not enough money to buy Christmas gifts for everyone they love.  For this reason, we need to remember the following three priceless, intangible gifts, which we can give at Christmas and throughout the year.




The greatest gift we can give to those we love is, of course, our love.

There are so many people in our world today who do not feel loved. Some of them may live in your home or in your neighborhood. Some of them are serving as soldiers or missionaries in foreign lands.

Be sure to express your love at Christmas and throughout the year.  Hugs, cards, letters, emails, phone calls, and telegrams are priceless, so be sure to give lots of hugs and send lots of love greetings this Christmas.


There is so much unrest and violence today in homes, schools, communities, and the world at large. Give the gift of peace with your non-violent words and actions with your family, your friends, your co-workers, other students, peers, and strangers such as store clerks and customer service representatives.


Multitudes of people, because of their current life situations, believe they have no hope. Charitable organizations accept your small donations to help give these people hope. Donate to global charities, your local food pantry, soup kitchen, abuse shelter, homeless shelter, orphanage, etc.  And don’t forget the families of our soldiers.

More importantly, speak the language of hope. Do not speak words of doom, gloom, and despair. Be optimistic and use positive words of hope as you communicate with others. Encourage and give others hope with your contagious, positive words and actions.

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