A Hope Upon Awakening

At the dawn of each new day, Creation has another awakening and hope renews for continued life on earth.

There is a group of people, however, who often awaken with the dawn and a dread…a dread for their mundane or humdrum daily routines. They have either forgotten or not yet found a way to keep hope and joy alive in their lives.

Then there are people who really enjoy their lives and work.  These people–who enjoy being stay-at-home moms, architects, waitresses, engineers, mechanics, students, secretaries, artists, or factory laborers–are able to awaken with greater anticipation and hope for the day. They are in the same group with people who have learned to control their minds with positive thinking.

Another group of those awakening each morning are the “spiritually awakened”. People awaken spiritually through a Buddhist “satori” moment, a Christian born-again experience, or other similar spiritual experience.  During these experiences, people become enlightened by having an encounter or union with the Divine.

Spiritual Awakening raises consciousness to a higher level so that reality is seen more clearly.  As a result, spiritually awakened people are able to awaken each morning and live each day with greater hope and joy.

There is another, a third type of awakening in which native people and many others believe. It is the Great Awakening or Great Ascension, which many believe is yet to occur.  Some believe that the Great Awakening will occur in 2012.

But for today, we can 1) awaken with hope in the morning by keeping a positive attitude; 2) awaken spiritually; 3) and have hope of an even greater global, spiritual awakening.  May the following poem and video be our daily prayers:


Awaken me Great Creator,

Awaken me to the oneness of all Creation;

Awaken me to the cry of people and nations.

Awaken me to the cry of Mother Earth;

Awaken me to the vastness of her worth.

Awaken me to my shallow humanity;

Awaken me to a new, spiritual sanity.

Awaken me to spiritual realms above;

Awaken my heart and hands to love.

Awaken me to Truth, to see and hear it;

Awaken me to One Eternal Spirit.

© Connie Wayne 2011

YouTube Video of Women of Faith singing “Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord”

3 comments on “A Hope Upon Awakening

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  2. Enjoyed this article. I am so grateful for today, becuase I used to be asleep to life thinking I was awake to life.


    • Connie Wayne says:

      I agree with your comment, and I find that no matter how awake I might think I am, there is always some truth that can help me open my eyes a little more. Thanks for stopping by.


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