A Hope for “Getting Out of The Pits”

When everything is going wrong and a person’s spirit sinks to the bottom of despondency, there is hope for getting out of the pits.

There are three barnyard stories I use to help illustrate how there is hope for getting out of the pits:

1.) Story of Old, Blind Farm Horse

There is a story about a farmer who had an old, blind farm horse that he dearly loved.  One day the old, blind horse fell into a large hole in the farmer’s barnyard.  The farmer knew that he was unable to get the horse out of the hole.

Since the horse was old and had outlived his usefulness, the farmer decided that it was time to put the old horse down.  The farmer took his shotgun and aimed it at the horse’s head, only to realize he could not pull the trigger.

The farmer hired his neighbor and the neighbor’s sons to kill and bury the old, blind horse.  But, instead of killing the horse, they decided they would just bury him alive.  Not bothering to watch the horse as they shoveled dirt upon him, they did not realize that the old horse was shaking the dirt from him.

Once the dirt was on the ground, the old horse stomped it under his feet.  The more they shoveled dirt on the old horse, the more dirt the horse shook off and stomped beneath him.

Consequently, as the dirt rose higher and higher beneath the horse’s feet, the horse rose higher and higher and was finally able to climb out of the hole on his own.

2.)  Story of The Eagle Raised As a Chicken

Most people know the story of the eagle in the barnyard.  The eagle grew up with the chickens and was part of their pecking order.  He ate chicken feed and scratched and clawed on the ground with his beak like his peers.  There are several versions of this story, but they all end about the same.

One day the eagle learned that he was not a chicken.  He learned that he was an eagle, and he learned to fly.  Because he learned to fly, he was no longer earthbound. Not only did he fly, he soared high into the heavens, and he no longer had to live like a chicken.

3.) Story About “Cast Down” Sheep

When sheep fall over on their backs, they become what the Bible calls “cast down”.  The Psalmist David of the Bible often spoke about being “cast down”.  In this “cast down” place, a sheep is not able to get back up on its feet by itself.

If a sheep is left in this condition for very long, it will die  The farmer or the shepherd knows how important it is to help the sheep turn over,  so he “rights” it, and gets it back up on its feet as quickly as possible.

These stories illustrate three different ways for getting out of the pits:

1.)  Sometimes when people are in adverse situations like the old, blind farm horse, they need to shake adversity off and stomp it under their feet.  The more they do so, the higher they will be able to raise themselves up out of the pit of despondency into which they have sunk.

2.) Sometimes, like the eagle in the barnyard, people often fail to realize that they were born with an innate ability to soar.  They were given spiritual wings, the ability to rise above the things of earth–the things or situations that oppress and keep them in the pits. They only need to learn who they are and what they are capable of becoming and doing.  They need to tap into their own innate strengths and abilities.

3.) Like a “cast down” sheep, there are times when people genuinely need something or someone else to help lift or raise them out of the pit.  In this “cast down” place, they require external help.

Oftentimes that external help comes from a friend or loved one, and sometimes it comes from a stranger.  Also, sometimes an unexpected phone call, email, letter, song, or something read, will help lift them out of the pits.

And sometimes it takes Divine intervention to get people out of the pits.  But even Divine intervention, more times than not, comes through other people and other things.

People, who are in a “cast down” place of despondency, should always look up and then around them with expectancy, because there is hope for getting out of the pits!

Enjoy the following YouTube video of the Celtic Women singing “You Raise Me Up”.