A Hope Can Be Found

Today people petition the Internet to “Give Me Hope”.  Their searches or petitions are evidence that they believe a hope can be found.

Others who search the Internet, ask for “How to Cope”.  Similarly, these people are hopeful that there is a way to cope with their circumstances.

With all the world’s natural disasters, disease, famines, draughts, wars, and global economic recession, people all over the world are searching for hope and ways to cope with their own personal crises.

Often on the brink of despair, these people search for resources, organizations, and agencies to give them hope or means to cope with their current circumstances.  Failing to find hope from these means, they often turn to the Internet.

The Internet has become the resource for people (their relationships, families, health, financial situations, and spiritual lives) who need hope.

On this website, these people will not find the resources or services to help them in their current crises; however, it is my sincere desire that they find inspiration and suggestions to help them not lose their hope.

For the people who ask, “Where is the hope?  How can I find hope?”  I offer a very simple answer:  The only real hope you have is within you–your inner source of strength and guidance–the place where the Divine lives within you.

As I communicate in my articles, hope is everywhere in Creation.  The most important habitat of hope, however, is where it resides within you.

Look within yourself and listen to the positive voice that speaks from within your spirit.  In that place and from that voice, there will always be a positive message of hope.

The following is a beautiful, somewhat unknown song on YouTube video.  The song has beautiful lyrics, and a soloist with a very soothing voice sings them.

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  1. jasonswartz says:

    Thank you for sharing the Light that the Creator gives you with others. For certainly by sharing that wealth with others, that love will remain an eternal fountain within you. Besides saying that this post is great, I smile because I know who is the actual author of these beautiful words. =)


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