4 comments on “Contact Me

  1. suitablefish says:

    Hi Connie, I love your site.
    I’m wondering if I can post the animated “See this Hug, It’s for You” as a widget on my blog site – TICKTalk (www.ticktalklyme.wordpress.com) with full recognition to you. I love it and I think it’s great for the site. Have a look and see what you think, then if you agree, share the ‘how to’ post it.

    thanks so much,

  2. suitablefish says:

    Thank you, Connie. Blessings

  3. Al Forte says:

    My mission is to spread the message of Praying-For-Peace. I’ve walked over 1,500 miles to spread the message and handed out over 25,000 Pray-For-Peace Cards. I’m doing a NYC (5 Boro) Pray-For-Peace Walk (3 days) June 9, 10 and 23. It would be helpful to publicize the walk.
    I’ll be happy to discuss this with you.

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