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You can help me spread the message of hope, which is so needed in our world today, by linking “A Hope for Today” to your blog or website.  Here are some simple WordPress “link” instructions.  (The instructions might be similar for other blog platforms and websites.)

To include a link to “A Hope for Today” in your Blogroll or Links:

1) Copy this URL:

2) Hold your cursor over Link icon in your Dashboard panel until drop down menu appears.

3) Click on “All Links”  Wait until page comes up.

4) Click on “Add New” button by Link Title at top, left of page.

4) Type in “A Hope for Today” as name of Link

5) Paste the URL you copied in No. 1 above for the address

6) Fill in the left side of page.

7) Click “Add  Link: button in upper, right corner of computer screen to save.

8) This should complete the process.

To link to a specific article at “A Hope for Today”:

1) Make sure you have the “A Hope for Today” article in view on your computer screen.

2) Copy the URL (address of the article) that is in the upper left corner of your computer screen.

3) Go to the post you are creating.

4) Highlight a word within your text that you want to link to “A Hope for Today” article.

5) Click on “link” icon in your post Tool Bar above your post.  (It looks like a link from a piece of chain.)

6) A box should pop up in which you can insert the URL from “A Hope for Today” and the “A Hope for Today” article title.

5) Click on “Add Link button”.

6) This should complete this process

You may also re-post any “A Hope for Today ” article when:

1) You include the following copyright notice for the post:  This article is the copyright of Connie Wayne – © Connie Wayne 2011-2015 at

With much appreciation,

Connie Wayne

Your comments are always welcome.

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