17 comments on “HUG Award Guidelines

  1. hugmamma says:

    sounds good to me…btw, can’t remember if i thanked you for the instructions on inserting youtube videos. you’re an angel to have taken the time to lead me by the hand. i’m passing along the instructions to my readers, crediting the info back to you. another blogger friend has had issues as well. hopefully i’m not too late for this to be of help to her…

    hugs…hugmamma. :)

    • Connie Wayne says:

      If you are interested in receiving the HUG Award, please let me know. If it sounds good to you, you are probably a person who already should have been nominated for it. Hug Award certainly does sound like hugmamma. I am glad to hear that the instructions helped you, and I am happy for you to share the instructions with others. We have all had our blogging/Word Press problems. I guess it goes with the territory. Maybe you can help me sometime when I encounter a problem of a different kind. Blessings, Connie

    • jeanne says:

      The information was right on time and took care of the little hiccup I was having…hugs to you

  2. Kate Kresse says:

    Thank you so much for the HUG Award! i love your idea and am honored by the award. I got it pasted into my sidebar and if they click on the image it brings them back to your guidelines page.

    • Connie Wayne says:

      We will both just keep doing our best to pass some joy and hope along to other folks to help make this world a better place to live. Hope you have a blessed and joy-filled day. Connie

  3. kittyhere says:

    Just received the HUG award from Kate Kresse. A very nice honor to brighten a dreary January day.

    • Connie Wayne says:

      Congratulations. I am so happy that you considered the HUG Award an honor. It was also an honor for you to be nominated by Kate – She’s a wonderful woman. Blessings, Connie

  4. […] The guidelines are many for nominating a blogger into Connie’s Hug Award hall of fame. They can be viewed in their entirety by clicking on the link below. They’re worth a look-see.  http://ahopefortoday.com/hug-award-guidelines/  […]

  5. becca givens says:

    Ahh, Connie – what an honor and a privilege … thank you for the nomination for the HUG Award … I appreciate it very much. You are a beacon in the world!!

  6. Hi Connie – Having very gratefully received a HUG Award, I have today nominated Jacqueline of Six Months to Live: The Experiment Continues! My reason for the nomination is as follows: It could be argued that the vast majority of human beings drift through their lives, living the same day to day routines, and never actually achieve their hopes and dreams along the way! They lose sight of the big picture and, before they know it, they reach retirement age, take stock of their lives up until that point, only to find that it has, up until then, been unfulfilling. Hopes and dreams have been lost along the way! In her blog, Jacqueline reminds people that life is for living now; but not only to fulfil our own and our family’s hopes and dreams, but also to help friends and those many other lives that we come across to fulfil theirs, through friendship, help and support where it is needed! Jacqueline inspires people through her journey to fulfil her own hopes and dreams, and through her blog and other work, gives hope to everyone that they can fulfil their hopes and dreams! Jacqueline asks,”What would you do if you were told you had six months to live? She encourages everyone to live every six months as if it were your last! A very worthwhile recipient!

    Thanks, Connie!



  7. Bahiehk says:

    Hi Connie!! Thanks for the award. I am honoured to receive it.
    I love what you’re up to in the world and wish you the best with this hopeful endeavour.
    Now I’m hard at work to see who around me deserves to have this award passed on!! Will sure let you know…
    Much love, Bahieh K.

  8. Bahiehk says:

    Okeydokey!! I have found the perfect person to pass it on: Patience Salgado aka Kindness girl.

    Here’s her website: http://kindnessgirl.com/

    I just left her note.

    Blessings, Bahieh K.


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