A Hope from a Purple Swan

I suppose somewhere inside me lives a frustrated artist who has not yet burgeoned into full bloom.  By creating an artistic atmosphere in my home, I work on unleashing that fettered artist.

Because I choose to surround myself with things I love such as Folk Art and lots of cheerful color, it was no surprise to me when I recently bought a purple swan at my local thrift store.

My purple swan was just another aesthetically pleasing accoutrement, a symbol of my unique taste and personality, that helped make my house a home.

Because of what I later learned about The Purple Swanmy purple swan is now a constant reminder of hope for humanity.

One day, out of curiosity, I did a Google search on “purple swan.”  I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that The Purple Swan is the title of a children’s book by Patricia A. Daniel.  I was even more pleased when I learned that the book is based on a true story about a little boy named Patrick who has a life-changing experience.

Subsequent to Patrick ignoring a black swan that later mysteriously turns purple in a photograph, Patrick learns from his mistake and is given a second chance to correct it.  As a result, Patrick learns to see with his heart, instead of his eyes.

Patricia Daniel, the author of the book, says there are three key messages in The Purple Swan:

1.  God created each of us as a unique and beautiful person.

2.  In order to recognize the beauty in all humanity, all people need to learn to see with their hearts, not their eyes.

3.  God is found in some very unlikely places.

The hope I found in The Purple Swan is the hope that all people will begin to see with their hearts, instead of their eyes.  Consequently, every time I look at my purple swan, I now remind myself of that hope.  Perhaps every home should have a purple swan!

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4 thoughts on “A Hope from a Purple Swan

    • I agree. Swans are beautiful, eloquent, graceful birds. I love to watch them glide across the water. Thanks for reading and commenting and for your weekend wishes. You have a great weekend also. Blessings, Connie

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