A Hope That Is Contagious: Joyful Enthusiasm

The hope that is in enthusiasm is like the measles.  Emory Ward said, “Enthusiasm , like measles, mumps, and the common cold, is highly contagious“.   Enthusiasm is powered by the hope within it—a joyful, positive energy— that is contagious!

The word “enthusiasm” has many words used to define it; but the real word comes from the Greek language, and it means “to be inspired”.  To be inspired (en theos) is to have God breathing through us.  When we have God breathing through us, our enthusiasm can uplift and sustain us, as well as others.  Enthusiastic people inspire and make other people feel happier about their own lives.

Are you an enthusiastic person?  Use the following six characteristics of highly enthusiastic people as a barometer to measure your enthusiasm level.  These characteristics are from Living with Enthusiasm by Mary Marcdante:

Highly enthusiastic people:

  1. Radiate energy
  2. Are curious and interested in life
  3. Are focused on the good
  4. Feel deeply and laugh often
  5. Have something they love doing
  6. Serve a greater purpose than themselves.

Don’t look now, but if you are smiling on the inside, your enthusiasm might be showing on the outside.  If your enthusiasm is showing on the outside, your enthusiasm has become contagious like the measles.  Hopefully, you have started an epidemic of hope and enthusiasm.

YouTube Video, The Enthusiasm Bug, It’s Contagious

2 thoughts on “A Hope That Is Contagious: Joyful Enthusiasm

  1. I have always been enthusiastic—kind of a Tigger girl. On a good day I can get the Eeyores skipping. On a day when I need more balance, I need to step away and get my Tigger dancing again….God restores me and then I can go back to spreading joy.

    • It’s much more fun to be a “Tigger” than to be an “Eeyore.” “Tiggers” are also a lot more fun to be around. I love having “Tiggers” in my life, even if they are just blogging buddies across the miles. Connie

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