A Hope for The Heartsick

Today, because of the postponement of many people’s hopes and dreams, many are heartsick.  Additionally, many have completely lost hope, the confident expectation for the good.

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During this economic recession, many are heartsick because life is not what they expected.  People are heartsick because of unemployment, loss of homes, break up of families, lack of health care, etc.  Some hurting people are so heartsick that they use addictions as a way to numb their sick hearts.

Some people have placed their hope in government, politics, empty religion, or societal systems that cannot deliver what they expect.  These people have misplaced hope, and misplaced hope will likely never realize its expectations.

Oftentimes it takes a long time for circumstances to change; and, at these times, hopes and dreams are delayed.  Therefore, it is important for heart-sick people to change what it is they hope for, and who or what they place their hopes in.

A change in attitude is one of the greatest ways people remain hopeful in adverse circumstances.  Their change in attitude helps them view their circumstances with a new perspective.

To help change their mental attitudes, people change what they hope for.  Instead of hoping for tangible things, they hope for internal, intangible attributes such as: a renewed spirit, wisdom, inner strength, endurance, joy, and peace.

People who acquire these internal attributes are better able to stay hopeful and have courage during seemingly insurmountable odds and hopeless situations.  These internal attributes are the cure for a deferred hope that makes the heart sick.

YouTube Video:  Heal Me. I’m Heartsick by Adam Pascal

2 thoughts on “A Hope for The Heartsick

  1. The struggle many of us have,i think, is in that letting go. Many are struggling to keep paying for their homes. they feel frightened and downhearted. they fear the unknown—what will happen if they let the house go and move into a rental or an apartment. i guess it is as if they ‘put their faith’ in the house. it is difficult for them not to feel down and like a failure. freedom from that fear may come in the letting go—but it is really, really hard for people to see that.

    • I know the freedom of letting a house go, and it has given me so much other freedom in life…freedom to retire and pursue my passion for writing, etc. However, materialism is a disease from which some folks never recover.

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